Using the SM7b the last two weeks on just reminds me why I love it so much!

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Today I learned that @darrenoneill is feminine because he enunciates and speaks clearly.

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my new #cartoon :

“microphone advice with dash of spice”

[ more cartoons from me here : ; inspired by episode 270 of podcast by / @bandrew ]


Listening to the latest NA and there’s mic talk. It is always a good day when there is mic talk. The mic used by Elizabeth Banks here is the Sennheiser MKH416 which is pretty popular in V.O. Booths. Apparently it’s popular for obnoxious infomercials because it’s so crisp and clear which makes the audio pops out against other commercials. And she is absolutely not using the mic in that clip, it sounds horrible.

@adam @Johncdvorak

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My wife: Why do I want to watch a microphone review?

Me: You'll see.

My wife: It's a crappy cheap mic too.

Me: I know. Just wait.

My wife: Wait for what?

<< See video >>

My wife: That was Bandrew's best video ever!

Me: Told you.

My wife: Can we get that on a loop?

@bandrew this is what legends are made of. If anyone isn't following the Podcastage YouTube channel and subscribed to the Bandrew Says Podcast, you are missing out.

I just started playing Angry Old Bends 🤔 and was very confused hearing myself speaking like the doofus I am. Haha! This oughta be an interesting one. @darrenoneill

China Uncensored is one of the most important youtube channels out there:

@darrenoneill I was deeply offended that while you were discussing @SirBemrose making drinks, you didn’t come up with the name Bemrose’s Beverages.

Nice cabin in the woods with high speed internet.

The watch of the day is the Oris Diver’s 65 on a Perlon strap and this thing has become one of the most comfortable watches I’ve got.

@Johncdvorak @adam AKG has gone a bit down hill though. They are owned by Hartman, but Harman was bought out by Samsung, and then they shut down their Austrian factories. All the EX-AKG folks went and started a new company called Austrian Audio, and they released a mic that is phenomenal called the OC818. It has the same dual capsule design, the same multi-polar pattern feature, but now you can output the capsules separately and adjust the Poolar Pattern in post production which is wild!

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On the weeks NA, I loved hearing @Johncdvorak talking mics.

He’s absolutely correct about the AKG C414 being one of THE mics. The original C414 used to use the exact same capsule as the legendary AKG C12 which is still THE MIC which costs $10,000 - $20,000. the main difference was the 414 did not use a tube while the C12 did.

I believe the Sennheiser that @adam was thinking about is the Sennheiser MKH416 which is a shotgun mic.

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@bandrew There is a podcast idea right there, "Bitter Old Gatekeepers"

@darrenoneill I don't know how I haven't checked Randumb thoughts before, but really enjoyed it man! Well done!

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