Hey @darrenoneill I was listening to a recent ep of GOB, and you mentioned on boarding your show for Podcasting 2.0. Is there a checklist of 2.0 standards that need to be implemented for each show to be 2.0 compliant?

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@bandrew I just did a segment on today's Randumb Thoughts as well, it will be posted shortly. 😎

Main things are:

Chapters (usually vis json file)

Transcripts (text / html is fine - So far this seems like the least used of the new additions)

Person tag

Value block - requires setting up a Lighting node or using something like

There are a lot of moving parts still, but podcast apps continue to jump in.

@bandrew if you can't edit your RSS feed manually then use and

to bring main feature of podcasting 2.0: bitcoin lighting streaming. that's what @darrenoneill did for GOB and his monolog podcast and what I did for my podcast ( ).


Bandrew, and if you need support /explanations we can chat on no agenda jitsi ( ; voice only; no recording allowed) evening euro trash time and I can explain.


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