Being banned from youtube was eye opening. I learned how little I care about any of it. I was surprisingly okay with the idea of just walking away from all of it.

@CSB And I don’t foresee it ever being my day job. For obvious reasons now. Haha.




No wonder Joe Rogan took Spotify offer - he knew he could be deplatformed any time from YouTube

@CSB Exactly. $100,000,000 and not having to worry about youtube banning you seems like a no brained for someone like him who was targeted by many people who wanted to deplatform him.


pity such alternatives to YouTube are not available to all


@CSB I do really like Odysee as an alternative. However, nothing can compete in terms of the full set of features offered by youtube, and I don't think anything ever will compete with the complete domination of the market like youtube currently.

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