On the weeks NA, I loved hearing @Johncdvorak talking mics.

He’s absolutely correct about the AKG C414 being one of THE mics. The original C414 used to use the exact same capsule as the legendary AKG C12 which is still THE MIC which costs $10,000 - $20,000. the main difference was the 414 did not use a tube while the C12 did.

I believe the Sennheiser that @adam was thinking about is the Sennheiser MKH416 which is a shotgun mic.

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@Johncdvorak @adam AKG has gone a bit down hill though. They are owned by Hartman, but Harman was bought out by Samsung, and then they shut down their Austrian factories. All the EX-AKG folks went and started a new company called Austrian Audio, and they released a mic that is phenomenal called the OC818. It has the same dual capsule design, the same multi-polar pattern feature, but now you can output the capsules separately and adjust the Poolar Pattern in post production which is wild!

@bandrew @Johncdvorak @adam NM, I see they are condensers. I think my environment is too noisy for a condenser, which is a bummer.

@dave @Johncdvorak @adam Yeah. These are all studio mics made for use in rooms that are designed to sound awesome. I believe they do all have Hyper Cardioid polar pattern settings in there so you’d an limit pick up from the sides compared to cardioid.

When you output both capsules from the Austrian Audio OC818 and start to manipulate it in post, you can adjust the polar pattern based on certain frequency bands. Cardioid in bass. Hyper cardioid in Mids. Omni in Highs. Etc. HOW COOL!?

@dave @Johncdvorak @adam But with the geeking out over features, they will all be more sensitive and likely wouldn’t perform as well in an untreated room compared to your 320.

@bandrew @Johncdvorak @adam That's crazy stuff. I'm currently fighting room echo now that I have drywall up. It sounded great with the exposed mineral wool insulation. Now it sounds terrible.

@dave @Johncdvorak @adam Before changing any mics, the best investment you could make is some sound treatment to dampen stuff up. but using mic like SM7B or MV7 that totally isolates environmental noises, also would solve it?


@CSB No it wouldn’t. The SM7b has quite a wide polar pattern and picks up quite a bit of room tone. The MV7 does a good job at background noise rejection. However, no microphone is magic and will still pick up background noise. Dynamic mics just generally do a slightly better job at rejecting that noise compared to condensers. @bandrew

I see

I wonder how good (whether better than dynamic microphones) isolation have my headsets, I have both the ones with 3 microphones:

@CSB Those probably do better at background noise rejection. A lot of these have very limited frequency responses (similar to a telephone) so they sound pretty bad. Since they don’t pick up as wide a frequency range, it won’t pick up noise and reverberation as much either.

@CSB Nice that’s very good. Guess those mics have come a long way.

@dave @bandrew @adam cheap cork panels do a great job. But the best "look" are old fashioned egg cartons.

@Johncdvorak @dave @bandrew @adam Spot treatment: rockwool panels and diffusers. There are companies that will print designs and pictures on fabric that can be used to cover the panels.

@bandrew I'm obviously not keeping up with current events, thanks for the update regarding the OC818 -- WOW. This looks like a fun product.

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