@darrenoneill I was deeply offended that while you were discussing @SirBemrose making drinks, you didn’t come up with the name Bemrose’s Beverages.

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@bandrew @SirBemrose

Exit strategy, Bemrose's Beverage Depot! Though, he'd drink through the stock...

@bandrew @SirBemrose

Do you have any idea on how many people watch Bandrew Says on YouTube as opposed to how many listen via a podcast app?

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose Yeah. YouTube typically gets 2-3X the listens of the audio only.

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose But there’s also the “viral” possibility on youtube. I have an episode that on youtube is about to hit 100,000 views. But the audio only version is still around maybe 1000 downloads on the high end.

@bandrew @SirBemrose

That is a very interesting stat, thanks for sharing. Ryan and I had a chat with @karlwatp yesterday about the audience generation possibilities of having the podcast on YouTube.

Not sure it would be the same just slapping the audio file onto a static background, as your dual-camera setup is pretty sweet. But, it makes me think we might want to venture into recording video with our shows.

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose @karlwatp 100%. Audio only doesn’t appear to do well on youtube because people go there expecting video. having some form of video can help a lot. It took years to build the channel up to get to the point where it got any traction on youtube, and some episodes still tank and others do well. And even though the video adds hours to the post production side, posting to youtube makes community interaction a lot easier because the comments are right there.

@bandrew @SirBemrose @karlwatp

This is one reason I'm excited about what @adam, @sobr, @agates and others are working on. Comments that can be shared across podcasting apps. Think the YouTube comments system but able to be viewed across multiple podcast apps. That would be a game changing feature that would add an instant community feature to shows.

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose @karlwatp @adam @sobr @agates Exactly! I was thinking about the discussion in the reason episode about adding those comments, and I was just nodding my head saying “Yes! Podcasting needs this because interaction still has a barrier of entry and people just don’t care about jumping through any hoops.” Making engagement as easy as possible helps a lot with growing and developing that community .

@agates @darrenoneill @SirBemrose @karlwatp @adam @sobr Haha. You really know how to sell the comments add on. That’s a horrifying but amazing thought.

@bandrew @darrenoneill

Darren, yes please upload GOB also to YouTube ,

Apart from “Bandrew is right about going viral potential”:

You’d get FOR FREE from Google: automatic AI-generated transcript that @SirBemrose could extract via power shel from YouTube and put into Podcasting 2.0 Tags and “search transcript” feature of .

@CSB There was a thought it would hasten our deplatforming.

But, as Karl pointed out, there are a LOT of "worse" shows still on YouTube and Patreon.


Nonsense, no deplatformig if you have also mo3-only

From my point of view I just want transcript = better than chapters , ultimate helper of podcast listeners. If transcript possible easily (how???) without YouTube then why can’t you have it? How possible easily without YouTube?

Note also that Moe updates AC’s audio without video to his YouTube for a reason:

@CSB @darrenoneill Moe says himself he does live stream to get paid directly. No sponsor or commercials. Though myself I avoid youtube whenever I can.

@Boolysteed @CSB Ah, that's right, there is that instant tip / payment aspect of YouTube.

@darrenoneill @CSB What would you be deplatformed from? You self host, right? Are you concerned about being deplatformed from podcatchers?

@bandrew @CSB We do use a small host, which is good. Though, I'm not sure what would happen if people started hammering the host with cries of hate speech.

It's probably not something we need to be concerned with. If it happens, it happens. At this point, we have a nice hobby with GOB and Randumb Thoughts. I think we are close to being able to make that jump into making it a full-time job that can actually pay the bills.

Trying to expand and balance everything is like spinning plates.

@darrenoneill @CSB Ah. Understood. There seems to be a great network surrounding NA, so that if it did happen, you’d be able to find folks who are able to help you get back up and running on un-deplatformable services.


Darren, nonsense : you will not be de platformed from your small hosting provider just because some YouTube viewers will report you.

My advice:

- upload all old and new episodes even without video immediately , don’t wait for ANYTHING

- seek max virality and max exposure, don’t be afraid to be too popular


@darrenoneill @CSB I was actually wondering during yesterday's show how long it'd take you to get YouTube cancelled, if you published GoB on YouTube.

If YouTube cancels Grumpy Old Bens, I'm pretty sure no one else will care, unless some crusader finds out. But who's going to listen to a crusader against a show that doesn't have millions of listeners?

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