Listening to the latest NA and there’s mic talk. It is always a good day when there is mic talk. The mic used by Elizabeth Banks here is the Sennheiser MKH416 which is pretty popular in V.O. Booths. Apparently it’s popular for obnoxious infomercials because it’s so crisp and clear which makes the audio pops out against other commercials. And she is absolutely not using the mic in that clip, it sounds horrible.

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@bandrew @adam @Johncdvorak 2 Nicoles 1 Podcast have a ton of gear and it sounds like the audio is from the camera or laptop mic.

@medus @adam @Johncdvorak Did about 5 minutes of research. Listened to the video, and then found the audio version. This is a situation where they likely did not know how to sync audio and video together, so they just used the audio from the camera and published that. The podcast sounds like they’re using the proper mics but also like there’s a boat load of reverb.

@bandrew @adam @Johncdvorak It does seem like they are having a good time. Which in all honest, is what matters.

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