Listening to the latest NA and there’s mic talk. It is always a good day when there is mic talk. The mic used by Elizabeth Banks here is the Sennheiser MKH416 which is pretty popular in V.O. Booths. Apparently it’s popular for obnoxious infomercials because it’s so crisp and clear which makes the audio pops out against other commercials. And she is absolutely not using the mic in that clip, it sounds horrible.

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The watch of the day is the Oris Diver’s 65 on a Perlon strap and this thing has become one of the most comfortable watches I’ve got.

Watch post. Oris Divers 65. I had to stop myself from looking at the Carl Brashear LE watch.

And today I had to throw on current favorite watch!

I have been turned into plastic. You can pry my mic and coffee from my cold dead synthetic fingers.

Dude that Lorier Neptune is so much tighter on a nato strap. Got it on a knock off bond style and I think I’m about to go take on some kind of super villain.

How will I even use this server? Will I post the same stuff that I post on twitter? Well. Here's a picture of a watch that I did NOT post on twitter.


A server to determine the validity of using federation only.