@CSB I would be giggling as I have $100M in the bank while I see Spotify’s value tank.

@CSB “Leave Joe Rogan Alone” - said in the fashion of the “leave Brittany alone” video.

Watch post. Oris Divers 65. I had to stop myself from looking at the Carl Brashear LE watch.

@CSB There are certain shotgun microphones that are incredibly popular for voice over because of the sound they offer. The Sennheiser MKH416 is popular because it offers a very crisp sound that pops. Apparently it’s used a lot for infomercials because it catches your attention.

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@bandrew I just did a segment on today's Randumb Thoughts as well, it will be posted shortly. 😎

Main things are:

Chapters (usually vis json file)

Transcripts (text / html is fine - So far this seems like the least used of the new additions)

Person tag

Value block - requires setting up a Lighting node or using something like satoshis.stream

There are a lot of moving parts still, but podcast apps continue to jump in.


Hey @darrenoneill I was listening to a recent ep of GOB, and you mentioned on boarding your show for Podcasting 2.0. Is there a checklist of 2.0 standards that need to be implemented for each show to be 2.0 compliant?

I might be missing the boat and I may kick myself in the future, but I have no desire to buy into crypto.

And today I had to throw on current favorite watch!

@CSB @darrenoneill

I made a very extreme example of an overly bright sounding microphone using EQ. Hope it helps. Also I'm sorry for making something that sounds this bad when the EQ kicks on.

@CSB @bandrew@noagendasocial.com I think the treble is over boosted making it sound a bit harsh to my ears. Makes it fatiguing to listen to for long periods for me if the person using it doesn't process it well or have a proper voice for it.

@CSB That is absolutely an argument that can be made for the MV7. If someone just wants plug and play and no worries whatsoever, that would be a fine option there.

@CSB @bandrew@noagendasocial.com At the beginning I stated that it is purely subjective and based on my opinion, and I prefer the SM7b’s sound. It just gives me a bit smoother sound that I would want to work with in post production.

I have been turned into plastic. You can pry my mic and coffee from my cold dead synthetic fingers.

@adam Thank you for the correction. You’re absolutely correct. I also need to get around to on boarding my show to Podcasting 2.0. Thanks for all you’ve done for the podcasters around the world.

Dude that Lorier Neptune is so much tighter on a nato strap. Got it on a knock off bond style and I think I’m about to go take on some kind of super villain.

Just found out that @adam has the podcast index server. Just followed a number of folks over there to get the podcasting news. That should be a great resource.

How will I even use this server? Will I post the same stuff that I post on twitter? Well. Here's a picture of a watch that I did NOT post on twitter.

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