Using the SM7b the last two weeks on just reminds me why I love it so much!

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@darrenoneill @GWFF @CSB If you’re trying to get the audio to come out of both speakers but be identical, then Darren is exactly right. I even have a video on that specific problem:

I assumed you would like a stereo sound source which would be more like the standard ASMR sound where you can tell how you’re moving around from left to right.

@CSB @GWFF @darrenoneill I have never used that device, but if he’s trying to output his mic as stereo, that’s not possible unless he buys a second mic or has a microphone that allows for dual outputs (which is quite rare). If he’s talking about playback, I’m out of the loop on that because I have not used that device before.

@CSB That's correct. No other dynamic USB mics with built in processing / helper apps that I'm aware of.

Today I learned that @darrenoneill is feminine because he enunciates and speaks clearly.

@CSB I just checked and on every single paystub, they are taking money from me for Medicare. So from the age of 16 to 65, you’re paying medicare. This means you pay 49 years while you do not get any benefit. Then when you retire you get access to the service that you have paid 49 years into.

@chidgey @adam @dave SoundDevices really makes outstanding stuff. Good enough for use on filmsets, it's good enough for me.

@medus @adam @dave Send help because I'm in a walled ecosystem within a walled ecosystem using U Audio on Apple. I'm doomed. The M2 and M4 should be class compliant but does the MK5 have linux versions of it's dashboard and routing?

@dave I know I should review it, I’m just so behind right now I need to get through what I already have. Julian Krause did a review of it though iirc, and his reviews are top notch and much more technical than mine.

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my new #cartoon :

“microphone advice with dash of spice”

[ more cartoons from me here : ; inspired by episode 270 of podcast by / @bandrew ]


@medus @CSB I never expected to see Sean posted on NAS! Hahaha! What an awesome cross that I was not expecting.

@CSB Scott seems like the kind of guy who wouldn't want to hire someone. He'd just want to sort it out himself. That's the vibe that I get from him.

@adam I think the best thing you can do is promote your own podcast website. Then have links to everyplace your an be found. That way you’re not directly promoting any company or service, you’re promoting yourself.

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